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[FIXED] Kai’sa and Patch 8.5 | LOLA 180

We talk about Kai’sa and her release as well as big points on Patch 8.5 like the OP Rengar, Swain, and Olaf!

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

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Luis Deilor Creating a New Gaming Keyboard: Dygma Raise | League Community Ep 13

Luis Deilor, the founder and CEO of Dygma, shares his journey from coaching mid and high-stakes poker players and coaching Fnatic’s League of Legend team to two EU LCS Championships to his current mission on creating the most advanced gaming keyboard: the Dygma Raise. Deilor also shares some knowledge on lolesports and tips for communicating with your friends and other solo queue teammates. Continue Reading

NEW PODCAST! What’s Jungle Support Synergy? | Eye of the Watcher 06

We got an extra episode this month! Manny and Sam started a new lolesports podcast covering topics for both noobs and veteran esports fans. Enjoy!

The term ‘Jungle Support Synergy’ has popped up a lot during the roster making decisions. Why is it important to have this synergy on your roster and what does good and bad synergy look like?


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TSM Reginald: new roster, why he made changes, how TSM isn’t just an NA team, expectations for 2018 by Travis Gafford –
Aphromoo talks joining 100 Thieves, ‘almost picking Imaqtpie’ as his new ADC, and his off-season by Travis Gafford –


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[Rebroadcasted] Climbing Ranked at the End of the Season | LOLA 153

Hey guys, due to some storage/server costs, we cannot upload a new episode. Instead we are rebroadcasting a relevant episode we probably could all

Want to skip the intro banter? Start at 02:50

This Episode features the following:

  • Joshua S. – Strategies to climb before the end of the season
  • Vernon L. – Taking the LCS into your SoloQ games

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