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Off-Meta Supports with Wise Papa Smurf | LOLA Minisode

Support Timestamps:

03:02 – Anivia
05:20 – Gragas
07:05 – Vel’ Koz
08:38 – Sion
11:16 – Lux
12:11 – Veigar
13:23 – Morgana
14:23 – Kennen
16:11 – Shen
18:10 – Brand
19:36 – Leona
20:07 – Zilean
22:29 – Nautilus
23:33 – Elise
24:52 – Pantheon
26:27 – Teemo
28:52 – Fiddlesticks
31:29 – Nunu
33:56 – Trundle
35:44 – Zoe
36:59 – Swain
39:13 – Volibear

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NEW PODCAST! What’s Jungle Support Synergy? | Eye of the Watcher 06

We got an extra episode this month! Manny and Sam started a new lolesports podcast covering topics for both noobs and veteran esports fans. Enjoy!

The term ‘Jungle Support Synergy’ has popped up a lot during the roster making decisions. Why is it important to have this synergy on your roster and what does good and bad synergy look like?


Sam –

Manny –

Podcast –

|| LINKS ||

TSM Reginald: new roster, why he made changes, how TSM isn’t just an NA team, expectations for 2018 by Travis Gafford –
Aphromoo talks joining 100 Thieves, ‘almost picking Imaqtpie’ as his new ADC, and his off-season by Travis Gafford –


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‘Beat’ produced by Luc Malaspina

One Trick Renekton feat. Wormlax – Champion Overdrive 02

Learn how to play Renekton from the Diamond One Trick Wormlax. Renekton is a lane bully that destroys most top lane match ups and carries that into a strong mid game. If you’re looking to win 2v1 in the top lane and destroying the enemy backline, Renekton is the perfect champion for you.

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Minisode 09 – Faster Games, Rift Herald, and Coaching

Welcome to another Minisode thanks to our awesome Patreon Donators. This month’s minisode, JustCasual and GundayMonday talk about 3 popular topics in the League of Legends scene during the month of May:

  1. Is Riot Making the Game faster?
  2. Rift Herald
  3. Is getting a coach for League of Legends worth it?

Relevant Links:

  1. Summoner School Post about Riot making the game faster:
  2. League of Graphs game duration:
  3. Kelsey Moser’s Article on Rift Herald:
  4. Beyond The Rift Coaching Topic:

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