Climbing Ranked at the End of the Season

Episode Description:

Want to skip the intro banter? Start at 02:50

This Episode features the following:

  • Joshua S. – Strategies to climb before the end of the season
  • Vernon L. – Taking the LCS into your SoloQ games


  • Congrats to Lick My Grundle for the Giveaway for June

iTunes Review

  • Matt56 – Awesome Stuff
    • Through some trying of different LOL podcasts, you came out on top. You guys interact with the listeners well and cover fascinating topics every time. I’m a new listener, but I plan to continue for a long time. For the curious, I started with your episode about Itemization for ADC’s.

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Omega Squad 2017 @riotgames


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