Common Misconceptions Courtesy of LOLA Facebook Group| LOLA Ep 170

Episode Description:

What lies have you been told about the game? What are some outdated myths that you still believe? What myths actually hold some truth? We break down the following ideas to see which hold up validity and which don’t:

  • Don’t play mechanically difficult champions
  • Games are won/lost in the first 20 minutes
  • Leave your turret up to deny your opponent CS
  • If you fall behind in lane, you need a big play to even it up
  • It’s the missing person’s fault that we lost the 4v5
  • The jungler should not be bot lane when baron is up
  • It’s always the junglers fault



  • No official community games December 27th but show up if you want to play


Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: As We Fall – @riotgames


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