Fantasy LCS with the LOLA Podcast!

Edited Jan 14th; Edits are in purple and struck through

Play Fantasy LCS with the cast and fellow listeners.

Join us for 3 separate leagues with each individual cast member: JustCasual, Wise Papa Smurf, and NovaXT. The teams will be a max of 8 teams so there are a potential of 21 spots to fill!

That’s not all! The first place team will get a mystery skin and a guest appearance onto the podcast! If the respective cast member gets first, then it will go to second place.

In addition, those others that finish higher than the rest of the cast will be put into a raffle for a mystery skin as well.

To sign up, follow this link to a Doodle (online scheduling tool):


Through Doodle we will figuring out what days and times are best to draft for the participants. You will then be contacted by your League Host with an invite to your league with a date and time to draft! Note, the times are CST! 

email us at and who’s league you want to compete in: JustCasual, Wise Papa Smurf, or NovaXT. Choose wisely now, because your favorite cast member might be your toughest competition too! Rank them 1 to 3 with 1 being your preference and we will try to get you into the league you want to be in!

Get Ready, Get Rekt~

– JustCasual

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