Join the Team

Are you a huge fan of LOLA? Do you need to fill up your resume to help your career? Do you have some extra time to exercise your hobby/skills? Well join the LOLA Team!

Please send us an email to addressing the role you would like to fill. Further details on applying are in the roles’ respective page.

The biggest thing is that you must be in alignment with our mission statement:

We are a support group for addicted League of Legends players to come together to make their addiction enjoyable through learning, discussion, and entertainment.

Here are the things we are currently looking for:

Podcast Host

The head of the cast for the week where you guide conversation, ask important questions, and keep things entertaining and useful. Frequency and involvement can vary dependent on schedule.

Podcast Co-host

Participate in our weekly discussions on the podcast. Laugh with us, argue with us, and challenge each other while we help the community learn more about League. Frequency and involvement can vary dependent on schedule.

Social Media Manager

You love social media, interacting with the LOLA community, and and expanding the LOLA presence.

Video Editor/Creator

Either create video content or edit current raw content. Current projects are the 60s tip videos and LCS highlight reel.

Website Manager

Keep the website functional, clean, and pretty. Continually keep the website organized.

Community Coordinator

Someone passionate about the League, LOLA, and podcasting communities and able to join people together to have fun and keep up connected to the communities.


You have a talent, a passion, or an idea that will help improve the LOLA Podcast and/or its community? We would love to hear about it. Sometimes we don’t know what we need until someone tells us. Maybe you just want to create something but need help, resources, etc. Let us know.