How to play ADC| LOLA Ep 162

Episode Description:

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This Episode features the following:

  • What are some other teams that would be built around an ADC?
  • What should supports build/ rush when their adc’s (such as jhin or mf) don’t utilise ardent sensor? Also what are your thoughts on movement speed jhin?
  • How do you adapt based on your lane priority? I.e. with your bot lane champions. Who wins push? Who wins lane? How do you transition a lead in bot lane and how do you win game even if you picks champ that loses lane?
  • Attack Move?
  • Playing ADC and warding.
  • Damage focus in fights. When is it okay to hit the tank vs carry. Teamfight positioning.
  • ADC Subclasses, and building an adc champ pool.
  • Who is currently the best adc to play?



  • Congrats to Spencer Helm for winning a free gaming chair!
  • Live Recordings now on Thursday nights!
  • Tyler’s Farewell

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Legends Never Die – @riotgames


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