JustCasual Conversation: Do You Know Too Much?

Welcome back to JustCasual Conversation. A blog series related to improving your League experience and play on whatever has been on my mind during the week. This week I’m touching on something I really haven’t seen talked about or discussed at all:

Do You Know Too Much?

“Yea, I know I need to learn more about the game Sam.” Well actually, I’m addressing the opposite: you might know too much for your own good. I know…that doesn’t seem to make sense, but before you close the post, hear me out.

You guys are already the proactive player who is expanding your knowledge and improving your game play. You’re filling your mind with champion intricacies, lane matchups, watching LCS to implement better rotations, etc. Last blog, I mentioned how you lightening your load will help you focus on less to achieve a goal easier and sooner; this is pretty similar. You’re cluttering your focus with extra knowledge when you need to focus on your basic gameplay and mechanics.in addition, you may not know how to use that knowledge. It’s a fusion of Schoolhouse Rock and Spiderman: “knowledge is power” and “with great power, comes great responsibility.”

I don’t want to undervalue game knowledge. It is very important and expanding your knowledge will help you get better. The problem arises when you’re more worried about making the perfect champion pick in your team composition than learning how to execute in game proficiently. If you are below silver (I would even go to gold), you have glaring holes in your basic mechanics and game understanding. You may be focused on your advanced mechanics/knowledge but haven’t solidified your basic mechanic/knowledge. Knowing the perfect way to set up a baron and the perfect time to do it is not an important thing in bronze. Why? Well, do you really have the ability to sweep and ward up to grant the vision you need for baron alone? You might be the only person on your team that knows how to properly. Is your jungler going to be able to secure baron? Smiting objectives isn’t easy. Does your team know when to peel off or burst baron? This isn’t easy in soloQ, low elo, or even high elo! So how much of an advantage do you have when you understand something that isn’t used often?

Instead of trying to focusing your time on these difficult concepts, learn how to last hit well. Learn how to build you champion flexibly against the enemy composition. Learning to pull of Lee Sin’s Insec mechanic is less important than learning how to attack move.

I’m afraid people are going to miss the focus of this posting so I want to emphasize again: learning is good but many are too focused on learning advanced mechanics and knowledge without mastering the basics. If you are trying to learn to juggle, you start with one ball, then add one at a time until you can juggle 5 flaming swords. And, it doesn’t happen overnight. Same with League: go back and focus on the basics, solidify your foundations, then expand your advanced skills.

Until next time, see you on the rift.

Sam JustCasual Han

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