League of Legends – Get Out of Silver – Ep 136

Episode Description:

This Episode features the following:

  • Climbing the Ranked Ladder – Silver (Starts at 5:00)
    • Who is in Silver?
    • What do you need to improve?
    • Is macro important?
    • How did we get of silver?
  • iTunes Review
    • Great Podcast for LoL Nerds – Klutzatron
      • Only started listening a couple weeks ago, but this really is everything I could ask for in a League of Legends podcast. They keep me up to date on different nuances of the Metas and have helped my climb multiple tiers! (Hit Gold 5 couple days ago!) Really appreciate how connected they are with the community. Hope they continue to do this!


  • Mystery Skin Giveaway: comment on our Facebook Posting of this episode for a chance to win a mystery skin (or two?)

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: “Aurelion Sol Login” – @riotgames

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