LOLA Community Ep 04 – Just OK LOLA (feat. Gweedo)

This Episodes Features the following:

  • Gweedo from the JustOKGamers Podcast talking about podcasting
  • Jax Omen – video vs audio podcasts
  • Dead0teddy – focusing ADC or Support

iTunes Reviews:

  • Hilarious podcast – MmeeBbybhd
    • Perfect podcast. Be sure to check this out they have guests, patch updates, series of specific tips, community involvement. Will even respond to specific game inquiries. This group of guys gets together weekly and produces a wonderful podcast. There are some awesome tips scattered throughout their long episodes average 45 minutes plus. This is a perfect podcast only if you have a sense of humor…. Lol They also have a organized website which has a lot of great information and previous episodes. Check out episode 117 where hey responded to my question I sent in only days later! Thanks guys, Dead0teddy
  • Loving the LOLA! – russellwatters
    • Awesome show guys! You guys are hilarious and very informative! Keep up the gear work!

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Champion Spotlight 3 – @riotgames

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