LOLA Community Ep 3

Episode Description:

Welcome to our community episode where we bring on listeners from our discord channel to discuss topics they bring to the table. This week we talk about the following:

  • Patch 6.17


  • PAX West $10 RP Card giveaway
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iTunes Reviews:

  • Shorter Walks on the Rift – IrishDakotan
    • I usually take long walks on the rift, but listening to this podcast, it has made for shorter summoner’s rift strolls. Their advice has not only improved my Lol Game, but it has also $&@#ed me a few times. All in all 5 stars for this podcast, because they make me feel warm and fuzzy… wait maybe that’s the bourbon. Cheers, Mr McPickle

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Butchers Bridge- Defeat – @riotgames


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