LOLA Ep 115 – Listener Questions and Using Abilities

This Episodes Features the following:

  • Wavve Question from EmilRichter – Bot lane doing ADC/Krugs
  • Low Hanging Fruit – Timing your abilities
  • Email from Codybarc – warding mid lane and jungle invade

iTunes Reviews:

  • A Fun and Enjoyable Podcast – Soul Resonance from the UK on July 14th
    • I have been enjoying this podcast on the Twitch stream for some time, These guys work hard day in and day out to provide an entertaining and informative League of Legends Podcast that is for the fans and by the fans.
  • Best podcast ever – Colicgravy from Australia on June 28th
    • Hi guys I have been listening to you podcast since episode 99 and it has been great and I can’t wait for episode 107 hope it is great I really love you terrible sexual jokes it is great. Ps that ever dude was great please invite him back. Also you have been such a good help in my league future



Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

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