LOLA Ep 120- Ernie Returns

Episode Description:

This Episodes Features the following:

  • Thank you to our Patrons! BIGGIESIZE89, unlivington, Chris, Miketokuu, Omerta750, Barnzy, Hobomaster, Comebackxkid, Nolebody, Chad J, Bulletbill, Doomspikinator, Francisco C, Emil Richter, Matej, Christian P, Ak3331, Dr. Ham, Theo B., and Tar0.
  • Patch 6.20 and 6.21
    • Nunu, Jinx, Nidalee, Zac, and Ivern
  • Emails
    • Enkidu13 – Snowballing as a botlane
    • Bacon – Season 6 in review
    • Flem17 – mid lane invading jungle


Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

Outro Music: Burning Bright – @riotgames


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