LOLA Ep 130- New Season, New Changes, Same Old Ernie

Episode Description:

This Episode features the following:

  • Patch 7.1 discussion
    • ADC Changes
    • Camille/Poppy (Shield Duration)
    • Lee Sin
    • Jungle Experience
  • Champion Pick for Patch 7.1- Caitlyn
    • Bot lane is in an odd spot right now. Current meta doesn’t favor ADC’s very well.
    • Cait is a good option to get through this:
      1. Has good early lane, bully other adcs easily
      2. Has escape, execute, % dmg, long range poke, waveclear
      3. Late game is bonkers
    • Has a rough time against ADC’s that spike mid game however.
    • Unlikely to see nerfs anytime soon.
    • Fits into majority of team comps
    • Relatively simple to learn.


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