LOLA Ep 135- Get Out of Bronze

Episode Description:

This Episode features the following:

    • Series – Climbing the Ranked Ladder
      • Our experiences in Bronze
      • Who is in bronze?


  • What are some low hanging fruits


        • CS better
        • Burst someone when you’re going to die
        • Don’t Run when you can’t get away
        • Correct Itemization
        • Warding/Map Awareness


  • Die less


    • Mindset and Expectations
      • Don’t be toxic
    • Meta and what champions to play and ban?
    • How we all climbed out of bronze
      • Sam – Kassadin w/ Mejai’s. Learned how to play and build Kassadin, did not over commit to fights and stayed at 20 stacks. Eventually hit ridiculous hypercarry status to carry the game
      • Blake – Picked one champion and learned to play at a silver level. Then climbed easily through bronze
      • Tyler – Reduced his champion pool to Renekton and Malphite as they are simple but causes a lot of impact in teamfights. Started to watch vods and learn about the mistake he was making
  • Email from DWalk74 – Viability of Leona Support


  • Community Episode Tuesday February 28th at 8 CST – Bring your Questions about Patch 7.4 and Climbing out of Bronze
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