LOLA Ep 32: Ernie Hates Everyone

Episode Description:

Welcome to League of Legends Anonymous. We are three addicted League of Legends players who just love to talk about league and interact with the community.
This Episodes Features the following:
[1:37] URGENT LCS Fantasy Announcement
[9:24] Cast Question: BulletBillx
[11:09] iTunes Review and Question – Mizu of Ymir
[17:00] 60s Tip – Shaco
[22:23] Patch 5.1 Notes: Renekton, Base Gates, Smite, Item Exchanges, Zz’Rot Portal, Stalker’s Blade, and PD/IE
[1:27:32] Announcements
Intro Music: Nu Boogie – Eddy Gronfier, Gael Benyamin
Outro Music: Rek’sai Login Music – Riot Games

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