Luis Deilor Creating a New Gaming Keyboard: Dygma Raise | League Community Ep 13

Luis Deilor, the founder and CEO of Dygma, shares his journey from coaching mid and high-stakes poker players and coaching Fnatic’s League of Legend team to two EU LCS Championships to his current mission on creating the most advanced gaming keyboard: the Dygma Raise. Deilor also shares some knowledge on lolesports and tips for communicating with your friends and other solo queue teammates.

Here are a list of topics covered:

  • Introducing Luis Deilor
  • Transitioning from Poker to League
  • Coaching Experience
  • How do coaches deal with being lowered ranked than their players?
  • Being the director of Esports Performance with Movistar Riders
  • Plans for the EU LCS with Movistar Riders
  • Introducing Dygma
  • The motivation to go from coaching to founding Dygma
  • Surprising part of the Development Process
  • Deilor’s philosophy on Implementation
  • Is the Dygma Raise useful for non-esports users
  • Features of the Dygma Raise
  • Discussing the price of the Dygma Raise
  • The risk of making a premium product
  • Shotcalling advice for casual play
  • Shotcalling and communication in solo queue
  • How to practice shotcalling
  • “Everything is your fault” mindset
  • Can you tell if an LCS team has bad communication?

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Outro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en


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