Making Esports Interactive feat. Taunt’s CEO Ben Gilbert | LOLA 163

Ben Gilbert created the app Taunt to make watching LoLEsports more fun and interactive. The app tests your knowledge by asking you and your friends to make prediction on large and small outcomes during a match. I, Sam, talk with Ben about how Taunt is evolving through its alpha state, the issues with spectating esports, and more.

Here is a list of complete topics:

  • Who is Ben Gilbert
  • How Taunt is making spectating esports more enjoyable
  • What is Taunt
  • What makes Taunt so different and new spectating esports
  • Taunt in its Alpha state and the plans to improve it
  • Participating in Taunt as a casual viewer
  • Sam’s preference on format for the challenges
  • Luck component in Taunt
  • Achievements and Rewards
  • Why are some of the questions asked seemingly too early
  • Building a fan educational component into Taunt
  • The difference between spectating traditional sports vs esports and how Taunt is native to esports
  • Fantasy LCS’s shortcomings
  • Why isn’t there a gambling system in Taunt
  • Esports spectating as a community rather than alone
  • The team behind Taunt
  • What is Ben’s tip for getting into esports/gaming
  • How to find your passion or expertise
  • Mental Health in Esports
    • Whose responsibility is it to deal with improving mental health?
  • The lack of acclimation to pressure in esports vs traditional sports
  • Taunts cautions to avoid toxicity on their app
  • Why should people use Taunt

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