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How to play ADC| LOLA Ep 162

Episode Description:

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This Episode features the following:

  • What are some other teams that would be built around an ADC?
  • What should supports build/ rush when their adc’s (such as jhin or mf) don’t utilise ardent sensor? Also what are your thoughts on movement speed jhin?
  • How do you adapt based on your lane priority? I.e. with your bot lane champions. Who wins push? Who wins lane? How do you transition a lead in bot lane and how do you win game even if you picks champ that loses lane?
  • Attack Move?
  • Playing ADC and warding.
  • Damage focus in fights. When is it okay to hit the tank vs carry. Teamfight positioning.
  • ADC Subclasses, and building an adc champ pool.
  • Who is currently the best adc to play?

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LOLA Ep 50: Ernie is Cougar Bait

Episode Description:
Welcome to League of Legends Anonymous Podcast, a podcast dedicated in creating a positive community for the addicted League Player. We focus on making the continual relapse as enjoyable and painless as possible through open discussion, applicable goals for improvement, and self awareness.

This Episodes Features the following:
[02:56] – iTunes Review – asadafASDF
[05:33] – 60s Tip – Nidalee
[09:26] – Patch 5.9 Breakdown – Attack Move, ashe, Akali, Renekton, Xin Zhao, Zed
[1:11:15] – Email – Josh – Thresh Tips
[1:18:14] – Email – Marluxia11 – Runes
[1:24:10] – Email – Brad J – Rek’Sai
[1:29:11] – Announcements – LOLA Fantasy LCS, Patreon, and Young Gooby
Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en
Outro Music: Daylight’s End – Riot Games

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