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Dealing with Adversity in League

JustCasual Conversation: How to Deal with Adversity

Welcome to the first post of my blog series JustCasual Conversation. Enjoy

This week’s rambling is about an uphill battle: Dealing with Adversity.

So you’re playing a match and things are not going well. Maybe you lost your lane or your bot lane is feeding. Whatever the trials, things look grim and you want to surrender at 20. My advice: don’t surrender. It’s not the whole “never give up, never surrender” or “all games are winnable” speech. Instead it is because there is still plenty to learn in a losing match. Riot has created matchmaking to set you at a 50% win rate. If all you’re only goal is to win, you’re going to have a very disappointing, masochistic experience. You would be wasting HALF the time you play League. I know it’s cliche, but the saying goes “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, not “…squeeze them in your eyes”, “…scream and run away from sour fruits”, or “…leave them out to rot.”
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