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LOLA Ep 14: Ernie’s Desperate for Elo

Episode Description:


Welcome to League of Legends Anonymous. We are three addicted League of Legends players who just love to talk about league and interact with the community.

This Episodes Features the following:

– [3:30] Cast Question: Runehart

– [10:22] ITunes Reviews: FrostedFlakes23

– [12:40] 60s Tip: Zhonya’s

– [15:14] Bryce’s Email: Support Runes

– [22:45] Jack’s Email: Jungling Champs

– [28:35] Runehart’s Email: Meta Champions

– [39:35] Chris’s Email: Items, Smart/Quick Casting, and the Meta

– [59:24] Runehart’s Email: Strategies in SoloQ








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