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LOLA Ep 120- Ernie Returns

Episode Description:

This Episodes Features the following:

  • Thank you to our Patrons! BIGGIESIZE89, unlivington, Chris, Miketokuu, Omerta750, Barnzy, Hobomaster, Comebackxkid, Nolebody, Chad J, Bulletbill, Doomspikinator, Francisco C, Emil Richter, Matej, Christian P, Ak3331, Dr. Ham, Theo B., and Tar0.
  • Patch 6.20 and 6.21
    • Nunu, Jinx, Nidalee, Zac, and Ivern
  • Emails
    • Enkidu13 – Snowballing as a botlane
    • Bacon – Season 6 in review
    • Flem17 – mid lane invading jungle

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LOLA Ep 47: Did You See Our Faces?

Episode Description:
Welcome to League of Legends Anonymous Podcast, a podcast dedicated in creating a positive community for the addicted League Player. We focus on making the continual relapse as enjoyable and painless as possible through open discussion, applicable goals for improvement, and self awareness.

This Episodes Features the following:
[04:15] – Ashe PBE Changes
[16:28] – 60s Tip – PBE Ashe
[22:28] – Patch 5.8 – Ryze, Bard, Dr. Mundo, Jinx, Shen, Yasuo, Black Cleaver, and Recurve Bow
[1:03:00] – Email – Snazzy Mochadaddy
[1:07:14] – Email – Locolibre
[1:12:37] – Announcements


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LOLA Ep 7: Mailbag

Welcome to League of Legends Anonymous. We are three addicted League of Legends players who just love to talk about league and interact with the community.
This Episodes Features the following:
A Fireside Chat with Wise Papa Smurf – Fizz, Vladimir, and Zhonya’s Hourglass
Mailbag/Emails – Darkhell7, katsuraji, Ranger4290, Makita
iTunes Review