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Minisode 03 – Shotcalling

This minisode on Shot Calling is brought to you by our Patrons! Thank you for your support to make this happen. Below is an outline of the episode

Why is Shotcalling Important

  1. Refocus the team on fewer goals
  2. Provide organization admist chaos

How to be prepared to shotcall

  1. Expand your knowledge
  2. Expand your experiences
  3. Start at a smaller scale

How to shotcall

  1. The four things to make a shotcall work
    1. Correct Calls
    2. Clear Calls
      • Heard
      • Understood
    3. Decisive Calls
    4. Correct Execution
  2. Shotcalling requires teammates to relay information to everyone else

Intro Music: LOLA Intro – @ParagonSe7en

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